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General Discussion / Making the case
« on: November 10, 2016, 05:16:26 AM »
Here I would like to present a variety of situations where C2 was invaluable.  First up is going to be this evening's foray into BFS.

Avenger2 flight is interdicting west of Eilat.
Magic (me) checks up and finds them on the map.  I notice they have two bandits one to their east, and another to their west, both closing on them.  I am not sure they were aware of both or either bandit...  So I call them out.

About this time Avenger 21 gets hit, by something...  air/ground, I don't know... Avionics out, He asks for pigeons to nearest field.

In the meantime, I give a point out to 22 (who i can't see because he isn't a flight lead, gee thanks 2d map).  Oh and by the way, there's a friendly Mirage approaching from the North, too...  don't shoot that guy...   Avenger22 proceeds to splash the first/eastern bandit.

He is then getting pointed around to the second bandit (ivo 180/20, but again I can't see him)
Flight lead (Avenger 21) has now been given a braa call to etzion (like 119/40) and is pointed at a friendly field.

22 is chasing bandit #2 west, when I see that there are 2 more bandits tracking in toward him, and his mirage has turned away as well...

Magic:  your group is dragging west, into 2 more bandits inbound, recommend flow east...

Avenger 22: flowing east.

So in review:
1.  Provided SA that there was a threat in the immediate vicinity
2.  Provided pigeons to nearest friendly field (not home plate) to a damaged friendly (who DID make it to a safe landing)
3.  Provided discrete callouts to two separate bandits, getting one splashed
4.  Provided tactical analysis to avoid flying my guy into a 3v1 trap "It's a Trap!"  and sent him home safely

Of the things I listed above, the AI AWACS can't really do any of them.


General Discussion / ATO / RFF
« on: November 07, 2016, 10:19:39 PM »
So it's definitely premature for this, but I thought i'd start a topic to get some discussion rolling...

So one thing I want to make is an ATO where FC2 events are posted, and who is scheduled into them.  These will be training events that we use to drive training for our students.  Probably just MP TE's.   Some other squadrons already have ATO's out there...   Anybody know what they are using, and can we steal it?

The second thing I want to add is a RFF
That's acronym speak for "Request For Forces"

Essentially, what i'd like to do is once we have a pool of 'qualified' controllers, I want other people from the online community to be able to come up here and go "hey we're doing an event at xyz time and date, and we would like a qualified controller".  Then our guys can go bid/schedule into that event.

Of course if we can't get some more participation that will be somewhat moot...  but since we are trying, let's try :)

Events / falcon-online Sinai November 2016
« on: October 28, 2016, 02:18:47 AM »
Ok, so F-O is doing Sinai as a BMS 4.32 multiplayer force v force event in November of 2016.

I plan to do a little human GCI on this (I did confirm that it is allowed by ROE).

Whatever Force I get assigned with (red or blue) I will both fly and GCI for...

Let's talk f-o sinai theatre C2 in general, potentially from both the red and blue side.

Things I haven't really considered before...
1.  Frequency separation...   is 303.7 audible to both sides of a fvf campaign?
2.  Bullseye location...  is it one bullseye set by the server, for both sides?

What can FC2 bring to this fight?
1.  There isn't any AI AWACS in this campaign... so to me, the answer is "a lot"
2.  The threat may be limited to heaters though maybe I saw an Aim7 out there?  I truly can't remember.

1.  Post human GCI available somewhere...  what frequency it is up (seems like U6? whatever your team's theatre common is) and probably join the GCI/AWACS teamspeak channel at f-o when you are on station... 

2.  Human fighters check up on theatre common...   time to think up what a correct "check in" sounds like

3.  Provide services...
a) Sanitize a strike route
b) Provide threat comm
c) Provide intercept geometry to someone on a sweep, escort, or dca
d) Maybe take down threats (hey we got mud spiked by SA-6 at so and so location)
---where would info like this go, the campaign map won't store it...
e) Collect in flight report while the pilots egress
---again where would this go, maybe in a team forum...

Time to define/standard what those types of comm sound like.
When fighters ask you for something like "picture" what are you going to give?

The idea of collecting that information seems like it would be for future mission planning...  I don't know if that much detail and coordination goes into f-o fvf mission planning, or if people just login and "wing it" flying whatever they want...

More thoughts?

General Discussion / Software
« on: October 11, 2016, 02:56:07 AM »
Ok so here is the software thread.

First, obviously whatever the standard Falcon BMS is.
At the time of this post, most likely 4.33U2

Second, IVC
It comes with BMS
But there will be some configurations required, right?

Doesn't any pilot who wants to hear human AWACS need to alter their cfg file?  particularly if the human controller is not going to be in 3d...

I have not had luck doing an F1/F2 check from 2d during mission planning...  But I was having a funky IVC day that day anyway...

Some IVC settings may need discussion then.

I have a little footswitch that one would want to use but it always keys 'b' (it's hardware programmed to do so).  It's easy enough to  make that a hotkey on teamspeak...   but you would want it to key the U13 channel in IVC, right???

Software options:
BMS 2d.   Not super but it works.

OSC, and FWAWACS.  This is pretty much the cat's meow in my opinion, but AISPY really needs to run on a computer that is left up on the 2d screen showing the campaign map, right?

Speculation...  with the way that net traffic seems to be going with 4.33, it seems like everything should be broadcast to everyone, particularly if we go CS as is being tested at falcon online right now...  That could be a major improvement for what we want to do here.

I do not believe that every human pilot necessarily needs to be running OSC on their local implementation.  I understand that gives you 100% accountability on all of the human players on a given side...  But it shouldn't be necessary to do what we want to do.

Pipe dream (wish list):  BMS creates a dedicated C2 screen that draws its data directly from the game database.  Honestly, the existing 2d screen is pretty darned close to functional...   I'd keep the ruler, but you really want a click and drag range and bearing tool, the bullseye coordinates of the mouse at all times...  and maybe altitude only labels... and should be good to go.

Ultimate pipe dream:  everything I just said above, plus implementaiton of mode 3 (at least).  AI flights should squawk their ATO mission number...  Maybe live flights too...

I've dropped my hat to the devs to code this, but you know...  that's a pretty tight community.  I doubt they will let me in :)

More comments: welcome.

General Discussion / Training
« on: September 21, 2016, 10:44:37 PM »
Training pipeline (at least a stab at imagining one)

Two types of trainees here:  Controllers, and a course for pilots who want to use controllers.  Really the two courses would probably follow pretty close to the same skeleton, just geared specifically at two different targets.

Training Pipeline:

1.  Join forum.  Participate.

2.  Academics:  learn some basics of controlling, terminology, purpose, brevity, tactics.  Maybe pass a quiz or an oral.

(somewhere in here, we need to figure out how to cover software installation / configuration / setup specifically for controlling)

3.  Standards:  Kind of an extension of academics, but where academics is general, standards gets specific.  Maybe a different quiz or oral here.

4.  Training missions (TE).  These don't even necessarily have to have live pilots in them...  we could devise a TE and just let it run, and let the controller instructor play the blue flight(s) of interest.  And devise things to unfold in such a way as to expose/train the points we want controllers to understand how to handle.

5.  Training missions (Lives).  No kidding, get some live pilots at least in the blue air, flying against either AI or red air live pilots, and go fly some training scenarios with live controllers and pilots.  The nice thing about this community (at least initially) is everyone who controls is probably also a bms pilot.  So to some degree we can staff our own live controller training flights.  But as needed we can rff/ato from outsiders, as long as they are willing to fly our profile and adhere to our standards for the purposes of instruction.

6.  Check Ride:  Probably a re-test of the standards, and definitely a live check.

In theory, someone who isn't even a BMS pilot at all, I would think, should be able to go through this training pipeline, pass a check ride as a controller, and control.

You pretty much have to have falcon/bms installed, I imagine, to really effectively control.  Honestly I don't know if you can just listen in on ivc client or even just directly on teamspeak, without being in falcon...  meh.  so that gets back to the software configuration piece.


General Discussion / Falcon C2 Setup Thread
« on: September 05, 2016, 03:43:19 AM »
Hey welcome to Falcon C2, home of the 469th VACS!!!

If you're here right now, it's probably because you've been invited to help set this thing up...
Make yourself an account and message me.  If we've talked, i'll bump up your perms so you can help out...

What's running?
1. SMF forum
2. SMF Portal

It's on a linux system with a mysql database.

What's needed?
1. Forums setup (categories, groups, member settings, permissions)
2. Forums Theme (a dark background that looks like a RADAR scope would be pretty cool)

For development:
1. Intro/Purpose
2. Training (training for controllers, training for pilots that use our controllers)
3. Software Config/Instructions (how to setup your system to control)
4. ATO/RFF (Scheduling events)
5. News Feed (when we do something cool)

Probably some more will crop up after we get going...

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