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Making the case
« on: November 10, 2016, 05:16:26 AM »
Here I would like to present a variety of situations where C2 was invaluable.  First up is going to be this evening's foray into BFS.

Avenger2 flight is interdicting west of Eilat.
Magic (me) checks up and finds them on the map.  I notice they have two bandits one to their east, and another to their west, both closing on them.  I am not sure they were aware of both or either bandit...  So I call them out.

About this time Avenger 21 gets hit, by something...  air/ground, I don't know... Avionics out, He asks for pigeons to nearest field.

In the meantime, I give a point out to 22 (who i can't see because he isn't a flight lead, gee thanks 2d map).  Oh and by the way, there's a friendly Mirage approaching from the North, too...  don't shoot that guy...   Avenger22 proceeds to splash the first/eastern bandit.

He is then getting pointed around to the second bandit (ivo 180/20, but again I can't see him)
Flight lead (Avenger 21) has now been given a braa call to etzion (like 119/40) and is pointed at a friendly field.

22 is chasing bandit #2 west, when I see that there are 2 more bandits tracking in toward him, and his mirage has turned away as well...

Magic:  your group is dragging west, into 2 more bandits inbound, recommend flow east...

Avenger 22: flowing east.

So in review:
1.  Provided SA that there was a threat in the immediate vicinity
2.  Provided pigeons to nearest friendly field (not home plate) to a damaged friendly (who DID make it to a safe landing)
3.  Provided discrete callouts to two separate bandits, getting one splashed
4.  Provided tactical analysis to avoid flying my guy into a 3v1 trap "It's a Trap!"  and sent him home safely

Of the things I listed above, the AI AWACS can't really do any of them.

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